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Dr. Lori Rappaport received her Masters and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Southern California. She did a Child and Pediatric Fellowship at Harvard Medical School, where she developed the Growing Up Great! Parenting Program. Dr. Rappaport also completed a Family Medicine Fellowship at Harbor-UCLA Hospital in Los Angeles. Dr. Rappaport has worked at several Children's Hospitals including Boston, Los Angeles, Long Beach and San Diego.
Dr. Rappaport enjoys teaching students and other professionals, as well as parents. She has taught at the University level in both undergraduate (USC) and graduate programs (Chapman University), as well as in the hospitals to medical residents and grand rounds. She has lectured at a variety of professional conferences ranging from critical care nurses to a national forum on school violence. Dr. Rappaport is a regular guest speaker for Scripps Hospital Parent Connection, Rady Children’s, and Scripps Mother of Multiples Club, as well as various other schools and community organizations around San Diego County.

Of Special Interest

ADHD Evaluation and Treatment: Dr. Rappaport is the Co-Director and Co-Founder of the ADHD Center for Success, which is committed to providing children, adolescents and adults and their families, the most current and effective evaluation and treatment programs for Attention Disorders. Ongoing support and education, collaboration with schools, and healthcare providers is a key component of our program. Through the Center, Dr. Rappaport provides: comprehensive ADHD evaluations, follow-up testing to evaluate medication effectiveness, Individual and Family Counseling, Social Skills Training, Organizational/Academic Skills Building, Parent Education, Parent Support Groups, School Consultation, IEP and 504 Support and Assistance. Ongoing support and education, and collaboration with schools and healthcare providers is a key component of her evaluations.

Oncology, both Pediatric and Adult, has been a focus for Dr. Rappaport for many years. Dr. Rappaport worked with pediatric Bone Marrow Transplant patients at Dana Farber Cancer Center in Boston, and pediatric Oncology patients at San Diego Children’s Hospital. She was a facilitator for Vital Options, a support group for young adults with cancer, for several years while living in Los Angeles. In addition, she was the Psychosocial Director for Camp Good Times, a camp for children with cancer, and was responsible for the first Bereaved Siblings weekend. In her private practice, Dr. Rappaport continues to work with children, adults, and families affected by cancer, both during treatment and post-treatment, and following a loss.

Pediatric Psychology: Dr. Rappaport has had extensive pediatric psychology training and has worked with many children and families experiencing a wide range of medical issues including cancer, arthritis, AIDS, limb deficiencies, recurrent abdominal pain and GI disorders, cardiac conditions, diabetes, transplant patients, cystic fibrosis and other pulmonary disorders, liver disease, tics and Tourette Syndrome, trichtillomania and orthopedic conditions among others. Dr. Rappaport also works with children and parents on a variety of general child issues including but not limited to: toilet training, enuresis/encopresis, behavioral issues, sleep difficulties, feeding issues, divorce, depression, OCD, anxiety (including separation anxiety, social phobia and school avoidance), learning difficulties, sibling issues, oppositional defiance disorder, and drug and alcohol use.

Grief and Loss: Dr. Rappaport works with children, adolescents and adults experiencing all types of loss. She has particular expertise working with parents and surviving siblings following the loss of a child. Dr. Rappaport provides grief education in the schools as well as to other agencies, following the death of a child, parent, teacher or other significant person. For over 17 years, Dr. Rappaport was the Child Bereavement Specialist with the Jenna Druck Center, Families Helping Families program, which supported bereaved families. Dr. Rappaport also served on their Board of Directors. In October 2014, The Jenna Druck Center became part of the Center for Compassionate Care, a program of The Elizabeth Hospice. Dr. Rappaport serves on the Board of Directors of The Elizabeth Hospice and continues to provide services to families through her private practice.

Community InvolvementDr. Rappaport has been a volunteer with the Girl Scouts of San Diego Council for more than 20 years. She represented San Diego Council as a National Delegate to the 2005 Girl Scout National Convention in Atlanta, Georgia, and was a member of the Board of Directors from 2007-2013. She participated on the Healthy Girls, Healthy Lives initiative, which was committed to bringing state of the art programs and speakers to adults in our community to better assist them in helping to shape the lives of the girls they work with. She worked with a group of other professionals and staff to increase support for girls with disabilities within Girl Scouts. She also provides education for staff and leaders in a variety of areas of growth and development in girls, and supports the council when they experience a loss or trauma in the community. Dr. Rappaport is a regular presenter at the annual Leading the Way conference. In addition, Dr. Rappaport was a troop leader, seeing her first troop go from kindergarten to Ambassador Scouts to Gold Awardees to Adult Girl Scouts in 2010, and her second troop making that same transition in 2013.
Dr. Rappaport was the Child Bereavement Specialist and a member of the board of Directors for the Jenna Druck Center for 17 years. During that same time period, she was also an advisor to the Young Women's™ Leadership Program (YWL), which held 2 yearly Spirit of Leadership Conferences, one for middle school and the other for high school girls, as well as quarterly workshops aimed at personal growth for young women.
Dr. Rappaport also volunteers her time as a member of the Board of Directors for The Elizabeth Hospice, as well as Chelsea's Light Foundation (CLF), which is dedicated to protecting the innocence and joy of childhood by engaging communities to unite and inspire positive change. It is because of their efforts that California now has the strongest laws in the Country protecting our 9.3 million California children from known violent predators, and they are expanding to other states. It is also their mission to recognize and honor phenomenal young changemakers with college scholarships.

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